5 Top Gifts for Your Wedding Guests in Indian

5 Top Gifts for Your Wedding Guests in Indian

A wedding in india is a gala event. Indian weddings are known all over their world for their cultural beauty, and that’s why India has been a foreigner ‘m favourite wedding destination in the last few years. A wedding is a special event,and at a well planned wedding, you want every little detail to be perfect. So when it comes to the gift buying section, apart from the gifts for your relatives and in-laws according to the religious customs, return gifts also make an important part of the gifts section.

Return gifts are also a major point of concern at modern planned weddings these days – people struggle a lot and go through lots of Indian wedding return gift ideas. From potli bags to chocolates, from toiletry sets to even expensive wine and champagne, people give all sorts of return gifts to their guests. So here we have curated a list of some really good indian wedding return gift ideas for your guests at your indian wedding –

1- Beautiful boxes for Chocolates or goodies

Well this one’s trending quite a lot these days. If you’re the type who like simplicity and elegance, this one is just for you. Get a pretty and simple gift box, with some beautiful engraving on it, or the to-be-wed couple’s names, or anything at all- it’s totally customisable! And fill them with amazing chocolates and that’s it! Your guests would love this gift for sure! You can order beautiful chocolate gifts customized with the photo of the bride and groom at ChocoCraft.

2-Alcohol sets

Are you one of those high-fi chilled out people ? Well, you have a variety of gifts for your guests. From expensive russian wine to miniature spirits set, or a good bottle of champagne or bourbon whiskey, the options are uncountable! But make sure u keep the gift in hiding though, or someone from the family might as well end up sneaking out a few! Madhuloka has the best selection of wines, tequilas and vodkas. Customise yours!

3- Jams, Sauces and Honey Jars

Well, Indian weddings are known for their amazing Indian food, and no matter what the occasion, food is almost always the best gift you can offer someone. So little jars of Jams are super cute and fragile and beautiful sauces bottles are terrific to gift someone – try the exotic ones. You can buy these beautiful wedding favours.

4- Traditional Thewa Jewellery

Thewa is the traditional Indian art style of crafting 23kt gold work on colored glass to design exquisite colored jewellery & artefacts. Thewa keeps up its unique and exemplary way of moulding gold engraved into various colours. These threads Jewellery articles might as well be the uniquest gifts your guests may have received at any wedding they ever attended! You can buy some very beautiful Thewa jewellery.

5- Candle sets

Well, handmade candles from Shoppers Stop are the new aesthetic gift. These are so pretty, you wouldn’t be able to stop getting a lot for yourself too while getting them for your guests. They come in all sorts of pretty shaped and sizes, and you can even get them customised in any color, pattern you want. Get the wedding couple’s initials on them,- wouldn’t that be such a unique and amazing idea? Explore some of these beautiful wedding return gifts.

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