A Vintage Wedding Affair

A Vintage Wedding Affair

When you think vintage affair, you think a Victorian case of extra marital relations – but no, Something Nice have amassed a collection of vintage wares available to help dress your wedding  to help create an ambience that screams refinement and decadence, what more, at a more than reasonable price.

They offer a full suite of wedding and event prop hire to really improve the aesthetic of your wedding and help create amazing photo opportunities.

The problem I’ve personally encountered when opting for wedding dressers and prop hire companies in the past is that the differentiation between what you see on their websites and what you receive are vast. With Something-Nice however, there was no such differentiation. What you saw was what you got. And in this case, what you both viewed and received was an incredibly high standard of vintage furniture rental.

Their range of vintage wedding props tops the pile when it comes to creating a vintage theme for any wedding or event. Whats more, their representatives are all incredibly knowledgeable about not only what props would complement your theme, but just general know how on how to design your wedding or event.

Due to their extensive catalogue array of vintage products and even their Do-it-yourself wedding theme products page, you can pick and choose the décor for your wedding or event.
Which is useful when you’re not looking for out-of-the-box weddings, as no wedding should be boring and generic – Setting Something Nice apart from the competition with their creative wedding displays.
On their website they have a wide array of different functions that they have helped dress ranging from; a winter wonderland to a spectacular circus themed wedding that really have to be seen in order to be believed.
None of my clientele have been so daring with their desired wedding look and feel as to request a circus themed wedding…yet! But, in the not too distant future should any customer of mine have any obscure visual themes that they want to bring into fruition for their wedding day, then Something-Nice are the professionals that I’d contact to provide any captivating vintage or rustic props that would complement the theme.

From chair linens and covers to vintage centrepieces and props, Something Nice truly make your wedding day a truly vintage affair and something worth bragging about with their innovative vintage prop hire and visual theme displays.

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