Choosing the Perfect Banquet Venue in Glendale Ca

Choosing the Perfect Banquet Venue in Glendale Ca

Choosing a banquet hall in Glendale CA perhaps the most important decision that you and can make while being a event planner. Ultimately, the event venue that you pick will determine the location of your event, the style or theme of the event and how many people you can invite. The event can either be for charity, or wedding, or business. A lot of event planners make the decision to make their guest list and event size prior to selecting their venue as not to run into logistical issues, while some make guest list based on what their dream venue allows for.

Banquet Hall Glendale: Galleria Ballroom

What are you looking for in terms of your event size? A lavish setting with a royal feel? Classic sophistication, complemented by extravagant detail? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Galleria Ballroom is the perfect event venue in Glendale CA. There is no other banquet hall in Glendale that compares to the Galleria Ballroom. This magnificent venue boasts the most exquisite architectural detail, including 10 chandeliers, 16 bold columns, 13,000 square feet and can hold about 550 people.

Every event planner or wedding planner differs in his or her own way. They have specific needs and desire unique accommodations. Knowing what it is that you want ahead of time will help you narrow down your options. For instance, do you prefer an indoor or outdoor event? Are you planning on having many guests, or limiting it to just a few close friends and family or business partners? Are you looking for a event venue that includes catering service, or one that will let you bring in vendors from outside? There are many questions that you should ask yourself and your possible venue selections. So, make sure that you plan accordingly unless you are okay with settling with something less than perfect.

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