Excellent Jewish Wedding Gift Inspirations

Excellent Jewish Wedding Gift Inspirations

A traditional Jewish wedding includes citing seven blessings which refer to the warmth, happiness, contentment and companionship that marriage can bring. Such blessings also stress the significance of God and central faith to a fruitful Jewish marriage. If you have received an invitation to a Jewish wedding, make sure you acknowledge the importance of the occasion with the right gift.

Keep it Kosher

When the bride or groom aim to keep kosher, kitchenware will be appreciated. Under the Jewish law, dairy items and meat must be separated, thus, observant Jewish should have two sets of everything that includes pans, pots, small and big appliances, utensils and dishes. The newlywed is likely to need a set of silverware and dishes for the holidays and Sabbath as well as dishes, dish towels, cookware, tablecloth and other items that they will use during Passover.

Items for Rituals

Whether the Jewish couple is religious or not, the newlywed needs various ritual items for everyday use and on the holiday and Sabbath. You can give such items as gifts; however, if you are not close the couple, consider having a second thought. Also, there are a lot of Judaica styles to choose from and the newlywed might have strong preferences and tastes. To be on the safe side, offer a local Judaica store gift certificate and let ht couple select items. Allow them to decide between silk-screened or embroidered matzah cover or contemporary ceramic or conventional silver candlesticks. Let them choose the right mezuzah case which marks their Jewish house.

Money Does Matter

If you prefer to give money to the couple, make sure you give in multiples of 18. Each Hebrew alphabet letter represents a numerical value. The word life in Hebrew is chai which is composed of two letters that have a numerical value of 18 together.  Being able to send money in multiples of 18 symbolically blesses the couple with a great and long life together. For instance, rather than writing a $50 or $100 check, you can write a check for $54 or $108. This amount is three or six times chai respectively. Your monetary gift’s amount will depend upon the nature of your relationship, how much you can afford and how close you are to the newlywed.

Gift Etiquette

There is no problem with brining your gift to the wedding. A number of wedding halls do set up a big gift receptacle close the hall’s entrance. You have the option to put your gift there; however, ensure that you firmly attach the gift card so that it will not get lost. Also, some halls offer a small locked metal box that has a mail slot on top. This is used for the money gifts for the couple. So, if you are writing a check, make sure you enclose the check with a signed card and drop it in the slot. Also, you can choose to have your gift delivered to the house of the couple after the wedding ceremony.

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