Getting Married This Year? 3 Trends You Can Use As Inspiration

Getting Married This Year? 3 Trends You Can Use As Inspiration

As a little girl, you might have always wondered how your happy-ever-after would pan out. Maybe you dreamed of being married to a prince, with you wearing an ethereal white dress and riding a horse-drawn carriage. Then, you’d walk down a long aisle filled with beautiful flowers.

Now that you’re about to really get married, you find yourself in a daze trying to find out which details to include and what to leave out. The options are endless; everything seems beautiful and fitting to your theme. This makes your decision more difficult than ever. But before you turn into a bridezilla and ruin your chance at enjoying the preparations, breathe easy because we’ve gathered three of the hottest wedding trends for 2015 that you can get inspiration from:

Trend No.1: A Touch of Luxury, a Hint of Class

The past few years have seen the rise of themed weddings, with trends continuing to evolve. This year, the modern luxe look will be seen more often, as it perfectly marries the old and new. Every wedding photographer in Perth dreams of shooting a wedding that has a touch of luxury and a hint of class. After all, unique settings test their skills and style, allowing them to become more adept.

So, what is the concept all about? From keeping it clean with beige or white to adding pops of bold colours, like burgundy and green, modern luxe is all about clean lines and sophisticated details that will make the whole celebration ultra glamorous without trying too hard.

Trend No.2: An Unconventional Take on Fashion

With the rise of different wedding themes also come the more unconventional takes on the traditional outfits. For instance, a lot of grooms are already open to wearing brightly coloured suits, quirky bow ties and even shorts. Many brides opt for more stylish outfits like separates, jumpsuits and even short dresses. Thanks to celebrities like Solange Knowles and Olivia Palermo, many couples have already embraced unconventional wedding fashion.

Trend No.3: Feasts for the Senses

Good food is without a doubt one of the most important elements of a great wedding—and this year, guests will be treated to more sumptuous feasts that stimulate all the senses. Tasting stations and food booths are increasingly popular in weddings because they provide a more subtle approach to offering guests with foods that the couple loves. There is also the option to have a personalised menu with dishes inspired by the couple’s love story. Of course, you can’t forget about the drinks that complement the food. Champagne towers, wine samplings, shots and sodas are just some of the many options that couples can choose from.

Putting together your wedding is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times of your life, so by all means, take your time and enjoy. With these trends in your arsenal, you’ll have unique and interesting ideas to guide you and your partner when planning the beginning of your happy ever after.

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