How to Choose the Perfect Diamond

How to Choose the Perfect Diamond

Nothing speaks to the heart more than a beautiful diamond does. Whether you are shopping to impress that special someone in your life or just looking to reward yourself for a job well done, picking out a diamond can take a lot of work and careful planning. When you select a Forever One Moissanite diamond, you can be sure that you are making the right choice. Still, to help guide you on the selection process, it is important to consider the four C’s.

Mind the Carat Weight

Usually the first factor people consider, the carat of a gem actually speaks to its weight rather than its size. Naturally, a larger stone has a higher carat weight, but one thing that sets a moissanite gem aside is that it is less dense then a regular diamond. In this way, you might be getting a smaller carat weight but the stone will look just as large as a heavier diamond. This is mainly due to the manufacturing process and the fast that these are made from silicon carbide. Keep in mind, more is not always better and you want to make sure you select a size that will really fit your needs.

Consider the Cut

In addition to the weight of the gem, the cut can also be an important factor. When considering the cut, you are actually concerned with the shape of the stone. While many ring buyers might prefer a more traditional cut, perhaps you want something more unique for a pendant or bracelet. Regardless, Forever One Moissanite stones are available in a variety of cuts to give you plenty of options.

Pay Attention to Color

The next thing to consider when purchasing any gem is the color that you are getting. In the case of this collection, all stones will fall in the D-E-F color range, which means that they are offered purely white and brilliant as you can find. Naturally, a colorless stone like this calls for a higher price tag, but it also shines with the greatest brilliance.

Never Settle for Less Clarity

Finally, you need to consider the clarity of the stone in question. All Forever One Moissanite gems much meet certain clarity requirements to pass through the stringent standards put forth during manufacturing. Though they may have tiny, needle-like inclusions to make them more unique, they are offered with the highest clarity standards in mind.

Forever One Moissanite

While these four C’s are essential to selecting the right diamond for the job, the best choice you can make when shopping is to stick with Moissanite. Offering a fifth C in the form of “confidence,” Forever One Moissanite diamonds come with a Certificate of Authenticity to ensure you get the exact quality you are after. More than this, they include a Limited Lifetime warranty, ensuring that your stone never loses its natural brilliance and shine.

So, when you are looking to select your next piece of jewelry, remember to move beyond the traditional four C’s and make sure you include the fifth. When you order a Forever One Moissanite piece, you are making a statement that only the best will do.

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