New Wedding Trend – Underwater Mermaid Wedding and Selling Swimming Fabric Mermaid Tails

New Wedding Trend – Underwater Mermaid Wedding and Selling Swimming Fabric Mermaid Tails

Mermaids have the ability to make people stop. Being a mermaid is a paranormal and thrilling job. As the mermaids sing in The Little Mermaid show:

We’re not like other women,
We don’t have to clean an oven
And we never will grow old,
We’ve got the world by the tail!

Mermaid Tails:

Mermaidaqua is happy to be a part of this beautiful history of mermaids by designing mermaid tails. Tail is a particularly planned piece with an objective to meet your terms;  from size to the specific cut and design. We meet your accurate demand to make you a perfect mermaid. Along with the perfection in looks, our mermaid tails are skillfully designed to swim in the water conveniently around the directions because an easy mobility is the first purpose of the swimmer.

You can get on this project to aim to have an incredible practical mermaid tail for swimming use. The framework or cloth will be colored to look like a stunning, mystifying creature but will still hold on to a real fish look.  This will as surely take to you in a Disney land or in the world of super naturals.  It is as sparkling as the sun beams. This tail will provide the multi purposes as costumes for performances, swimming, and other dealings.

Our brilliant and artistic designers vigilantly sketch these innovative styles with the scales using 3D textural designs. These designs resemble the real mermaids as much as possible. The fins are designed so perfectly while remembering actual fish and mermaid’s fins like hip flippers, heel flippers, dorsal balance). The examples. The patterns get more amazing in water and thereby bestowing that glittering and gleaming facade like a mermaid. It is totally unbelievable to be in water like a mermaid, astonishing for the viewers and inspiring as well.


You will surely appreciate the pleasant looking silicone tail for its awesome design and realistic appearance. People see it with winning eyes and want to catch.

Our experts craft a piece that consists of those remarkable characteristics of mermaid tail while dropping the general cost using a brightly printed fabric as an alternative of the silicone tail.


It is made with exceptional swimsuit fabric with a matchless color recipe, long-lasting and elastic quality enough to permit easy movement in all direction.  It can be used time and again without damage in color or quality. The tail can be machine washed easily with the terms of use as wash in cold water and spread even to dry. Mermaidaqua gives you guarantee that the fabric color will remain the same if you do not use hot water or rough surface.  Usually hot water and rough surfaces damage the delicate fabric so avoid it to be at the safe hand. Abiding by the terms of use, you will be able to use your tail as long as you need.

Now you are able to call all Little Mermaid fantasies into the real world by diving into the deep sea wearing mermaid tails because is offering this fun.

Mermaid Weddings:

Imagine the sea breeze is puffing, the waves are rolling behind you and you are taking vows with your loved one.  Many an engaged couple dream of a beach wedding, but now the things are getting beyond the beach. Now you can dream of underwater wedding. Now gone are the days when couples had to seek happiness just confining themselves to the beach and wished to dive in the water. Now you can have underwater weddings  or any other parties. Not only seeking pleasure from mermaids show but can be one among them. These underwater weddings justly are beating everything. It seems crazy but it is true and satisfies the crazy people.

Girls start dreaming about their weddings at a young age. They crave for something profligate and unique. Wedding in the water are undoubtedly gorgeous but they demand a long and careful planning. Couples ask that what is new in wedding over the beach. Why it shouldn’t be under the real water. Is the ceremony difficult to pull off? Of course, it is, but it is going to take more than a few bumps in the road to stop the couple from having one of the most unique ceremonies ever. So turn your dreams to reality and be determined to have it. We are there to help you in arranging costumes and accessories. Now it is no more impossible to have photo shot in the surface of deep waters. Cameras are there to capture the moments in its eyes.

We are providing a great opportunity for those who really love the water and want to become so near to the ocean. Now you are able to celebrate your happiest day in the water.

We are also making your underwater mermaid wedding dream a reality taking it out from the fantasy world to the real one by providing you special costumes for this.

Stop to remember about your typical wedding photos! We are breaching all the set laws of conventional pretentiousness by bringing our brides and grooms underwater! By getting them into the underwater empire, anything turns to be probable. We have as a feature the feathery setting underwater with bridal prettiness and stylishness to convert the brides into mermaids, and take their wedding dresses to life. We are successful to drag off a selection of bridal fashion in the pits of the ocean! Just close your eyes for a while and feel yourself in the water with your partner. Take the high flights of imaginations before the actual one.

Bringing people into this underwater world is adding an entirely novel, full of life and artistic experience into their memories. It is worth seeing how the diverse forces come out underwater and try and help each in floating or making cool and highly entertaining. And you must be obsessed with these underwater great moments and time. Its more than a fun and rejoice. Its more than a dream and fantasy. It is worth trying experience, unbelievable, indescribable. So take a long breath and break the rules of traditional poses. We feel that swimming under water gives the bride and bridegroom an opportunity to look inside their selves; in a world of their own. A world where all the noises and resists of the actual world are barely audible is really magical. Both of you can feel the heart beats of each other, whispers of love songs in the lovely surroundings. An opening to the world of fairy tale and castle of your dreams; a world of the mermaids! Is a step forward from you by the efforts of Mermaidaqua.

Brides and grooms can also keep the party going with their friends and family under the water and can explore the new world of emotions and sentiments. Friends and family even do not hesitate to be in water rather they welcome this stunning change.

A wedding provides a great occasion to break the all limits of fun and pleasure. The theme of the wedding always has a special significance.

So Mermaidaqua fully supports the creative wedding ceremonies and wants to be a part of your lifelong memories

That’s why  those couples are fans of us who like underwater mermaid weddings . Having a mermaid-obsession, bride is so passionate about the mythological underwater creatures that she chooses to get married in the sea. Now weddings on beach seem ordinary as they are part of daily routine now. So the idea of underwater mermaid weddings really haunts the minds. Our mermaid tails are designed so perfectly that even after getting wet it enhance your styling and looks and easily manageable. Underwater photographers and a drone are available to make the scenes everlasting. Doing something extraordinary and challenging makes the moments imperishable and one really lives those moments— to make the toughest the easiest that’s the exciting!”  Everyone loves to be a part of such world that satisfies the under the sea inspiration.

Professional mermaids:

The tail is kind of the trademark of the mermaid, isn’t it? And no professional mermaid would come out without hers. Tails necessitate with good looks as well as functional because they’re used for driving force and pace in the water. Our mermaid tails are variably designed for the professional mermaids who do the performances or shows underwater daily.  With perfect mermaid tails, these mermaids impress their audience with their top notch feats. People arrange such shows to make their parties colorful and flamboyant.


Such shows incorporate a foxtrot adjustment of “The Little Mermaid” notwithstanding a theatrical presentation illustrating contemporized-swimming schedules and submerged acrobatics or circus for unbeatable number of audiences.

In adding up to carry on in appears or at resorts and exceptional adventures around the globe, professional mermaids also act at birthday festivities and other merriments, in whirling pools and tanks. They’re glimpsed on the seaside and at Hollywood social gatherings, business dealings and exhibiting shoots.

Being an expert mermaid is a hard job, and they fascinate the countless people towards the task. But it is also a standard of living of many people.

Tails not only differ in color and ornamentation, but also in role. Some are planned specifically to help push a mermaid’s body through the water, while others might be most suitable for underwater feats or acrobatics. Mermaidaqua is providing you with all types and proposes like best for posturing, displaying and music recordings.

Tails for young girls:

Kids love to be unique and different especially every little girl dreams of being a princess or an Ariel. Kids look lovely in aqua theme. They love to be like fish and mermaids. The little mermaid Show of Disney world has made their cravings more strong for being a mermaid. Here again Mermaidaqua does not disappoint you. It is making their dream true. We also make mermaid tails, fins and lot of other variety and accessories for kids. Baby girl costumes, boy costumes, teen costumes and toddler costumes are available.  In short all types of costumes of babies and their parents desires. Parents also become just happy to see their children so ecstatic. Children feel amazed as well that it has made their day. And children’s happiness makes the parents day truly.


We also provide accessories like leggings, masks, makeup, accessory kits, wings, costume jewelry and many more other countless things according to the demand. Shell crowns, shell mouth pad, mermaid clips are also included. Starfish hair clip, bracelets, necklaces to signify the beauty of our mermaids.

People’s Response:

Mermaid tails, underwater weddings and photo shoot in real sense have number of responding people who like and appreciate such activities.

They enjoy everything from a glittery mermaid tail and fin to a ring pop support. It is hinted by the crowd that this really couldn’t be more perfect and unique. Some people even insist a play back or rewind for their own proposals.

Now it is no more a dream to live out with the fantasies of mermaids. Your own name can be echoed in the deep waters of the ocean. You can made it a part of your cultural traditions. It really strikes the fancy to make the water a witness of your love and emotions and prayers as well. Water bonds up your connection and integrity as two united spiritual beings.

Being professional mermaids, you can also inhale the sanctity and purity from the water. Mermaids whisper in the water while wearing tails and moving around. Mermaidaqua is working wonders in bestowing originality and perfection to its mermaids.  We are providing everything to your need and requirements.

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