Perfect Groom Accessories

Perfect Groom Accessories

As your wedding approaches, most grooms are placing most of their focus on their suit, vows and speech. As important as a suit is, accessories are also a crucial factor in pulling together your look and looking stylish and classic.

Today, we will talk you through some key accessories for men and how you can style them on your wedding day.

Lapel pin

A floral lapel pin, or a boutonniere as it is often called, is one of the most traditional wedding accessories. In recent years, grooms and groomsmen have taken a more practical approach and have began wearing faux flower lapel pins instead of the real deal.

Aside from their practicality, these kinds of pins are also super versatile because they can be found in virtually any colour you desire. They are also inexpensive meaning you don’t need to break the bank by ordering a real flower version from a florist.

Many men tend to match their lapel pin with their pocket square or tie but you should avoid this. The most stylish way to wear a pin is by finding a complimentary colour you can match to, or by matching it with your bride’s bouquet.

Pocket square

Pocket squares should be worn in your left suit pocket. They are a small piece of material used to make a suit even more formal.

Like lapel pins, pocket squares come in a variety of colours so you are sure to find one to compliment the other colours you happen to be wearing. They also come in a variety of materials, such as wool, cotton and silk.


Men’s jewellery is something that has become fashionable again over recent years and it is a great way to add a modern touch to your traditional wedding outfit.

Earrings for men are widely available and are usually seen in silver or gold. A small stud would be appropriate for a formal wedding, but if your wedding is more casual or has a boho theme then a small hoop could also work nicely.

Another perfect accessory is a bracelet. Whether or not you choose to wear a bracelet again depends on the formality of your event. A plain steel bracelet could work for a formal wedding, but it is probably best to avoid bracelets altogether. A leather or rope bracelet could be a perfect choice if, again, your wedding has a more relaxed dress code.

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