The Brilliance of a White Wedding

The Brilliance of a White Wedding

There are a few events in your life that you will likely remember until the day you happen to take your last breath on this earth.  These, unquestionably, would include the birth of a child, the first moment you set eyes on the love of your life, and the moment that you quelled your nerves, swallowed hard and spoke the words, “Will you marry me?”.  You reached smartly into your pocket, producing the silken box which contained the symbol of your love and dedication.

It’s ok to admit if your engagement didn’t follow that model, or if you haven’t had the pleasure of offering your life to the service of the one you love.  What is important is that you can communicate this experience with those you know, those you care the most deeply for.  You can give them the tools they need to make their offer of engagement and the wedding that follows a brilliantly stunning event that will live on in posterity for as long as time itself.

Facets That Never Fade

The choice of a diamond for engagement can quickly take on its own life. You may find yourself considering the opinions and desires of those who are genuinely trying to help by offering their assistance in picking the stone which you will present (or have already presented) to your bride-to-be. The art of viewing, cutting, and setting a stone is still one shrouded in mystique, bringing the highest level of admiration from around the world.  The gem that is created by the master cutters comes to life through their faces and facets, refracting and reflecting light in a way that no other substance on this earth can.  The permanence of the diamond isn’t lost in the metaphorical translation either, being that the stone is symbolising the marriage to follow.  It is clear, yet full of colour.  It is delicate, but at the same time the strongest substance known.  It is prized by all, and universally admired.

The Holders of Dreams

What a wonderful task it must be, to offer assistance in the choice of a symbol which will signify the point at which lives will change, merge, and begin their new path in the world.  The responsibility of sharing this time-tested tradition is the pleasure and honour of proprietors such as Houston jewelry stores.  As you walk through the door, your mind is immediately ablaze with myriad thoughts and emotions.  The steady hand on the other side of the counter has seen this many times.  They are there to support you through this incredibly important and meaningful tradition.

As your nerves begin to calm, you begin to get a feel for the stones, the settings, what the different cuts are called.  As you begin to regain the cool composure that holds you down, you come to realise that you have arrived.  This is the moment, this is the time.  You are completely ready, and now have a reliable and knowledgeable hand to offer you assistance in this incredibly magical choice.

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