Wedding Photo Ideas? Get Fun and Crazy with These Essentials

Wedding Photo Ideas? Get Fun and Crazy with These Essentials

You, your partner and everyone one else dressed in the finest clothes—dresses, gowns, suits. The weather is bright and clear and the venue looks perfect. There may be a few tears shed due to overwhelming joy. And then, there are lots of smiles and laughter.

Your wedding day is special, and you’ll be celebrating it with family and friends—the dearest people in your life. And while you can always reminisce all the beautiful memories in your mind a few months or years after getting married, it’s always nice to have a tangible reminder of that special day in the form of photos.

So by all means, don’t hesitate to work with a professional wedding photographer who will capture great memories during your special day. Planning a beach ceremony on the Sunshine Coast? Want to exchange vows by a lush forest in Noosa? Hire a Brisbane wedding photographer to make sure that every memory worth remembering is captured.

As for ensuring you end up with really special photos, we all know candid shots are simply lovely! The adorable flower girl with her basket of petals. Your mum wiping away her tears. You and your partner looking at each other lovingly. The beauty of these moments comes from the fact that they’re sincere and not staged.

Poses, on the other hand, can take a long time to capture—particularly with a group. Since you still need to have pictures taken with the entourage, the bride and groom’s family and all the guests, the following fun ideas will make the photos turn out beautifully.

  1. L.O.V.E

Done with children, bridesmaids or groomsmen, spelling out the word ‘love’ never gets old or boring. What it’ll turn out, on the other hand, is a fit of laughter. This works, especially when someone in the group tries to form an ‘e’.

  1. Flower power

The bride and her ladies extend their flowers to the camera. The combination of colours makes up for a lovely picture. As a tip, there should be three different shots: just the flowers; upper body showing the faces and the flowers; and whole body showing the ladies with their bouquets extended forward.

  1. Bouquet toss

A photo of mid-air jumps is cool and can be downright hilarious. But if you don’t want to end up ruining the dress or suit, why not let the photographer take a shot of the bouquet as the bride tosses it. The bridesmaids can do the same.

  1. Sock it up

If the ladies are putting their bouquets forward, the men can put their best foot forward. Shoeless at that!

As a note though, inform the groomsmen about this beforehand, so they can prepare their coolest or funniest socks.

  1. Love that sunset

This is perfect for the bride and groom. Put your hands together to form a heart and place the setting sun in the middle of the heart or under it. The sun’s glare combined with the love sign and silhouettes make up for a mesmerising photo.

  1. The families

Ditch that standing pose with the in-laws. Replace it with a picture of the bride and groom holding hands while kissing their parents. It’ll certainly be a beautiful shot.

  1. Love everyone

A shot of the newlyweds and the guests requires effort. If the photographer is going to take a photo of a large group, why not put everyone’s heart into it. Meaning? Find a wide space and let the guests form a big heart, put the couple in the middle and then take an aerial shot.

Fun ideas right? More great suggestions are welcome!

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